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About the Podcast 

Let's Talk Business is focused on giving advice, resources, and tools that a student, graduate or person who is interested in the business world can use. Topics on the business industry from the perspective of an AMA-UIC member. 

  • Has a strong interest in learning how the podcast recording works 
  •  Leadership skills
  • AMA Member 
  • Flexible, 5-10 hours per week
  • Podcast experience preferred 
  • Has audio recording knowledge 
  •  Knows how to monitor podcast metrics, like the number of downloads, listener demographics, and listening times.

The Podcast Director acts as a technical director handling many responsibilities like pitching episode ideas, audio production, editing episodes, other behind-the-scenes interaction, and can also be a host if they want to. 

The Podcast Producer acts as an administrative director handling many responsibilities like overseeing the podcast production, episode development, guest research and scheduling, and help Host the podcast. 



Let's Talk Business - AMA-UIC E1Pilot Episode
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pilot episode:


In our first ever episode, we introduce Anela Hanic, the current president of AMA-UIC. In this short interview, we learn more about what AMA-UIC is and what it's like to run an organization like the American Marketing Association.

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