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5:00 PM to 6:20 PM

Location: DH 320/ DH 310


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AMA International Collegiate Conference Competitions

Case Competition

The AMA Collegiate Case Competition is a year-long event that brings together top marketing students to work on a business challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization. The case sponsor provides a detailed marketing problem and is looking to gain the perspective of AMA students. They develop a marketing strategy in this nationally recognized competition.


Outbound Sales Competition

This AMA competition is designed to improve students’ telephone communication skills.


AMA Sales Competition

​The AMA Sales Competition is an ideal opportunity to compete one-on-one against other marketing students. You can test your ability to close a sale and win cash prizes!


Perfect Pitch Competition

The AMA Perfect Pitch Competition is a 90-second interview in which you position yourself as being “right for the job.”


Sales & Marketing Roundtable

AMA Sales and Marketing Roundtables offer students the opportunity to connect and network in small groups with current professionals around topics related to sales, career development, and various marketing topics.

Digital Marketing Boot Camp

The digital marketing boot camp at the AMA International Collegiate Conference is a four-hour long workshop that takes attendees through an interactive session around digital marketing.


Marketplace Simulations Competition

To complete the challenge, you will use a Marketplace simulation. Marketplace is a competitive business game that takes marketing students through real-world marketing decisions one step at a time.


SABRE Business Simulation

The SABRE Business Simulation takes place at the AMA International Collegiate Conference. SABRE provides the framework which immerses the participants in a dynamic, competitive situation. Teams may add and withdraw products from the marketplace as well as advertise, price, distribute and design those products to best fit varying market segments.


Chapter Exhibit Competition

The Collegiate Chapter Exhibits Competition, sponsored by PPAI, will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2019, and is a don't miss the highlight of the AMA International Collegiate Conference. These exhibits, presented in trade show fashion by AMA collegiate chapters, give chapters an opportunity to be creative and show off their accomplishments. Fellow students, as well as guest judges, will select the winners!


Marketing Strategy Competition

This competition taking place at the AMA International Collegiate Conference, will challenge your wit, speed, and presentation skills while leveling the playing field for all schools – big, small, commuter- many resources to no resources!

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