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Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty program is an attendance tracking system that allows us to reward our most committed members!

How it works:

  • Points will be tracked via chapter member accounts on the AMA website. 

  • Points will be updated at least once a month.

  • Point totals will restart at the beginning of each academic year.

  • Member ranking on the website chapter member page will be updated halfway through the semester, so members with the most points (most actively involved members) will be displayed at the top of the list.

  • Members will be emailed their finalized point total report twice a semester which will include an official certificate of their member tier status and badge.

  • Members receive monthly surveys as they are notified of point updates.


  • Members who participate are more likely to optimize the resources provided by AMA-UIC.

  • This will lead to AMAUIC members further driving professional growth.

  • Being recognized for this will show future employers, faculty members, and professionals how strong of an asset you are in a team-driven environment.

  • Instead of simply putting “active members” on a resume, members will now have a link to prove their engagement within the chapter.


  • This is solely about recognizing members for going above and beyond.

  • Any issues members have with their point totals must be brought to the attention of the E-Board no later than a week after monthly point updates.